Students with Migraine Deserve Better

10% of all U.S. students under the age of 18 have migraine. The typical classroom environment is full of migraine triggers.
Students with Migraine Deserve Better

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  1. Thank you for posting this. As someone who has had migraines for years prior to being officially diagnosed I wish my parents had doen this for me. Now that my daughter has been diagnosed with migraines (related to hormones) I emailed her homeroom teacher to see what I could do about getting reasonable accomodations for her (much like what i have at my office) to make her more comfortable while taking online classes in high school. Her teacher flat out said that a “504” plan was entirely appopriate for her and that she would work with me. I am going to share this article because how many people know that Migraines are a covered disability under the ADA and that they can request reasonable accomodations for their children.

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