Prevent that Next Migraine Attack by Blocking Blue Light

Blue light from electronic screens may trigger Migraine attacks. Check out these useful strategies for preventing that next Migraine.
Prevent that Next Migraine Attack by Blocking Blue Light

Blue light from electronic screens may trigger Migraine attacks. The visual stimulation from electronic device screens can overload our brains, putting us at a distinct disadvantage. Many Migraine specialists recommend limiting screen time to their patients. While that’s one way to avoid a Migraine attack, it can limit our ability to communicate with others, engage in social activities, and limit our career options. Fortunately, there’s another strategy. We can block the light spectrum most often responsible for triggering a Migraine attack with software or physical filters. These tools allow us to maintain our current activities without risking another attack.

Strategies to block blue light

Just as there are hearing aids for those with hearing loss and eyeglasses for those with low vision, there are apps and devices for those of us with sensitivity to electronic screens. We don’t necessarily have to give up technology to avoid a Migraine attack.

Blue light from computer screens

F.lux is a free software download that allows you to adjust the lighting on your computer screen. It is an improvement over simply adjusting the brightness of your screen. Instead, it blocks the light spectrum that is a common Migraine trigger. This same light can inhibit our body’s natural production of melatonin. When we use electronic devices late at night, light from the screen can interfere with sleep. F.lux filters out this light, allowing us to maintain healthy sleep patterns even when we must use our electronic devices at night.

Blue light from cell phones and tablets

Many newer cell phones and tablets have built-in screen settings that block the spectrum of blue light that interferes with sleep and may trigger Migraine attacks. If your device doesn’t have this option, you can install the Blue Light Filter. It’s a free app that can be downloaded to your Android mobile device.

Blue light from florescent lighting

An FL-41 tint can be applied to your prescription glasses. This tint filters light in the same way as f.lux or Blue Light Filter. The advantage is that you can wear them everywhere, blocking harsh lighting in stores, office buildings, and even outdoors. The tint is also available in non-prescription sunglasses. There are two companies that offer this tint: Axon Optics and Theraspecs. Both offer a variety of frames and will make lenses for your own frames. Only Theraspecs makes bifocal lenses.

Personal experience

I regularly use all three of these tools to minimize light triggers. By using these simple tools, I avoid a potent Migraine trigger and enjoy more Migraine-free days. The harsh lighting of department stores, florescent lighting, and even movie theater screens no longer cause problems. These simple, non-invasive, non-prescription options allow me to live life on my own terms without worrying about the next Migraine attack.

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